Career Paths for ehealth, Digital Health, Health Informatics Professionals

If you’re a student or an emerging professional, you may be wondering what different career paths there are for the ehealth, digital health, or health informatics profession (all of these are equivalent by the way – for simplicity, I will use the term ehealth). After all, this isn’t a popular topic for discussion in any undergraduate studies. I know I have been in the same position, and materials online just aren’t very clear.

Now that I’m several years into the ehealth profession, I have seen first hand what the career opportunities are. I have also spoken with many of my colleagues (graduates of McMaster’s MSc ehealth) about their ehealth career. In this blog, I will share my findings with you and hope it will help you with your own career choices.

To start off, let’s first understand a bit about ehealth:

ehealth is the use of information technology for the delivery of care or support of wellbeing.

I have a more in-depth explanation of this definition in this blog article.

Generally speaking, ehealth is a very broad field, covering any activities that goes into producing and maintaining technologies used by patients such as patient information portals, mobile health apps – or by care providers such as electronic health records or precision medicine technologies – or by a combination of patients/providers such as telemedicine technologies. Health system executives also rely on ehealth for decision making – the tools and technologies they use and the activities supporting health information analytics are also examples of ehealth.

ehealth professionals work in a variety of settings – they can be in the clinical setting working on the implementation of a new software for clinical use, in an office (or from home) if they’re crunching health data to generate analytics for health system resource planning, or even on the road if they’re working in a mobile health clinic. They can work in organizations of all sizes, from small startups working on the next-generation fitness technology, to hospitals who need to ensure the right patient lab results is accessible by the right care team at the right time and at the right place, to larger organizations such as the space agency who is developing remote surgical techniques for astronauts.

By reflecting on my colleagues' careers and combined with resources from Digital Health Canada, I have summarized 8 career paths you can pursue in ehealth in the table below - with few job titles for each career pathway.

ehealth Career Path

Entry Level

Intermediate Level

Expert Level

Executive Level

Clinical & Health Services (Read more)

- Clinical Informatics Coordinator

- Clinical Informatics Analyst

- Clinical Informatics Manager/Director

- Chief Clinical Information Officer

Health Delivery Process (⭐Read more)

- Junior Business Analyst

- Junior ehealth Analyst

- Business Analyst

- ehealth Analyst

- ehealth Specialist

- Senior Business Analyst

- Senior ehealth Analyst

- ehealth Strategist

- ehealth Manager / Director

- Chief Clinical Information Officer

- Chief Health Information Officer

- VP Health Informatics

Project Management (⭐Read more)

- Project Coordinator

- Program Coordinator

- Project Analyst

- Program Analyst

- Project Manager

- Senior Coordinator

- Program Manager

- Project Management Office Director

Product Management (⭐Read more)

- Product Support

- Product Analyst

- Product Designer

- User Experience Analyst

- Business Systems Analyst

- Product Manager

- Product Owner

- VP Product Management

Organization and Behavioural Management (⭐Read more)

- Change Management Intern

- Junior Process Improvement Analyst

- Junior Transformation Analyst

- Change Analyst

- Process Improvement Analyst

- Transformation Analyst

- Implementation Analyst

- Change Manager

- Engagement Specialist

- Transformation Specialist

- Implementation Specialist

- Chief Transformation Officer

Analysis and Evaluation (⭐Read more)

- Research Student

- Junior Analyst

- Junior Data Analyst

- Health Information Analyst

- Benefits Evaluation Analyst

- Data Analyst

- Health System Researcher

- Senior Researcher

- Senior Data Analyst

- Data Scientist

- Senior Analyst

- Chief Data Officer

Information Management (⭐Read more)

- Privacy Coordinator

- Junior Data Architect

- Privacy Analyst

- Security Analyst

- Standards Analyst

- Privacy Specialist

- Privacy Architect

- Security Specialist

- Data Architect

- Standards Manager

- Architecture and Standards Director

- Chief Privacy Officer

- Chief Information Officer

Information Technology (⭐Read more)

- Junior Software Developer

- Junior Software Engineer

- Software Developer

- Software Engineer

- Software Analyst

- Senior Software Developer / Engineer

- Application Architect

- Technology and Architecture Manager / Director

- Chief Technology Officer

Please note the job lists in the table is far from exhaustive. Taking on one path also does not preclude you from choosing another path later on in your career. ehealth teams are diverse and always multidisciplinary. Team members often are multitalented and wear multiple hats.

If you see a role that suits you, go on to try it out - apply to it for a summer or take on an ehealth graduate degree with internship opportunity. If you are passionate about improving human health and quality of life using technology, this is the right field to be in. Importantly, you will enjoy a highly rewarding career.

Follow the links below to read more detailed descriptions of each ehealth / digital health career pathway. Each page will contain a Path Description, Preferred Background, Relevant Certifications, General Job Responsibilities, Career Progression and Salary Expectations, as well as Sample Interview Questions:

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