Mock Interviews - MSc ehealth / MHI Admissions

Mock interviews for 2024 McMaster MSc ehealth / UofT MHI entry is now closed. Good luck to all candidates!

Please read "How it Works" and "How I will help" below before submitting the order form.

About Me

I'm a graduate of the MSc ehealth program at McMaster University currently working full-time in the Canadian healthcare system. During my MSc ehealth studies, I was offered full scholarship and NSERC CGS-M scholarship. I have a track record of success in difficult digital health interviews/presentations - for example, I scored my 8-month MSc ehealth internship at eHealth Ontario, one of the most competitive internships (with a very difficult interview) available in my cohort. Outside of my MSc ehealth classes, I co-founded an award-winning health analytics company that won first place at Hack the City and also first place at The Forge@Mac Student Startup Competition for $20k cash prize (with difficult multi-judge interviews and presentations). More info about me at

When I was applying to the graduate degree, I interviewed at and was accepted into both MSc ehealth at McMaster and MHI at University of Toronto.

About the Mock Interview

The interview is a compulsory part of the admissions process. To gain admissions, you must perform well on the interview. The skills required to perform great at a digital health graduate degree interview are different than the skills required to be a great digital health professional. In the past, I have seen highly qualified candidates rejected simply because they performed poorly on the admissions interview. I don't want this to be you. Using my experience in interviews and insight in the ehealth and health informatics field, I'm here to help you put your best self forward through the interview to the admissions committee.

The Mock Interviews are 1-hour long - 40 min is allocated to interview and 20 min for feedback. If you have an MHI presentation, you can present that within the 40 min allocated to interview.

How it Works

  1. Complete and submit the order for Mock Interview below with your application materials uploaded. The order confirmation screen will contain my phone number – in case your scheduled interview is forthcoming, please call me to let me know and I will do my best to do your Mock Interview sooner. (Note: The school will usually schedule your interview for within 7-14 days of interview invite. If you submit the Mock Interview order as soon as you receive your interview invite, I will be able to do your Mock Interview before your interview.)
  2. I will get back to you within 24 hours of your order submission to schedule your Mock Interview. We will mutually agree on a Mock Interview date and time – for best results, I recommend to schedule your Mock Interview for 2-3 days before your real interview date. You can also do a Mock Interview before you receive an interview invite, it is completely up to you.
  3. I will send you a list of past commonly asked questions from the school you applied to (McMaster MSc ehealth or Univ of Toronto MHI). I recommend using this list only as your final preparations.
  4. We will do the Mock Interview (via Skype). (Please see How I will help below)
  5. Optional interview recap: After you complete your real interview, we can do a quick 5-10 min phone call to review how you did on your real interview.

How I will help

  • I will help you formulate interview answers that are convincing and complete
  • I will help you pick and flush out your best experience examples to answer for interview questions
  • I will help you understand the actual question being asked that is disguised behind each mock interview question
  • I will help give feedback on your response to each mock interview question
  • I will help answer any questions you may have on the interview
  • The Mock Interview itself will help you acclimatize to the feel of a real interview

Order Form

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