Intro to Practical Python Coding for ehealth, Digital Health, Health Informatics for Beginners

My name is Ming, I’m currently working full-time in the health informatics field with a Master’s degree in ehealth. Previously, I’ve co-founded an award-winning health analytics company and I’ve also published peer-reviewed research in health informatics field. My background gave me a thorough understanding of coding involved in ehealth – I’m here to help you get started with coding.

This tutorial series is geared towards beginners with zero coding experience but would like to get started with coding for an interest in ehealth, digital health, or health informatics. By the end of this tutorial series, you'll have sufficient coding knowledge to:

  1. write simple Python programs and have it run on your own computer
  2. be able to explain to a non-technical person the use of Python in healthcare
  3. have an understanding of coding in general
  4. be able to understand intermediate Python tutorials and independently explore Python

Next Video: Installing Python and Jupyter Notebook

Tutorial Series

Episode Title Length
1 Introduction 3:42
2 Installing Python and Jupyter Notebook 7:02
3 Running Jupyter Notebook 3:33
4 Numbers 7:30
5 Variables 9:45
6 Functions 15:34
7 Strings 12:10
8 Lists 19:49
9 If-Else 22:03
10 Loops 9:46
11 Dictionaries 14:47
12 Libraries and Documentation 17:20
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