How to Prepare Effectively for ehealth / Digital Health Interviews

2022 Mock Interviews - MSc ehealth / MHI Admissions
💡Mock Interviews for 2022 MSc ehealth (McMaster) and MHI (University ofToronto) entry is closed. Good luck to all interviewees! 2023 mock interviews will open in January 2023.About MeI’m a graduate of the MSc ehealth program at McMaster University currentlyworking full-time in the Canadian heal…

The interview is a compulsory part of any ehealth job application, you will not be offered a position at a hospital / government agency / good private company without doing well on an interview. I have heard too many stories of well-qualified candidates with stellar experiences/resumes/cover letters being rejected after poor performance on interviews.

One thing to keep in mind is that the successful applicant receiving the offer is the best candidate in the application process, which may not be the same applicant who is best suited for the job. Presenting yourself as the best candidate for an ehealth position requires a very different skillset than being a skilled ehealth professional. Stop and take a moment to think about that, because this is very important, and it’s what many applicants miss.

The ehealth interview can be very challenging for the unprepared – this is primarily because many questions asked requires you to have specific knowledge in the ehealth industry or to provide a prior example of something specific. They are not things you would talk or think about in your daily lives. If you did not prepare or do not know how to prepare, you simply are unable to answer the questions.

Fortunately, if you make smart preparations, you will definitely do much better on the interview. To prepare, before going to an interview, reflect on your past experiences and write down one or two example scenarios where you:

  • resolved a conflict
  • used your strengths / skills to achieve success in something
  • addressed your weakness
  • failed at something but learned from it
  • worked with someone “difficult”
  • worked with a team composed of members with a diverse skillset / domains of expertise
  • had to apply knowledge for work / school assignment that is not part of your domain of expertise (ie. if you are software developer, think of a time where you had to apply clinical knowledge into software development; if you are an allied health professional, think of a time where you had to apply technical knowledge into solving a clinical problem)
  • worked / interned / volunteered somewhere where the organization was going through some form of change (ie. implementation of a new technology) – What triggered the change? What was the process of change? What was the result?

I recommend rehearsing the telling of these scenarios. Although during the interview, you do not want to sound like you are reading from a script. The trick to answering questions is, you want to be relaxed and sound conversational. How do you do that? More rehearsing. The best answers are a combination of rehearsed fragments tied together conversationally.

While it’s impossible to anticipate every question you will be asked, there are certain questions that will come up over and over again. To help you put your best foot forward, I recommend using the following e-book (which I also contributed to) to walk you through real ehealth / digital health interview questions. It breaks down some of the most popular ehealth / digital health questions asked in real interviews for you, revealing the intent of the question behind the question being asked – and provides some strategies to tackling these questions. Disclosure: I do have a financial interest if you make a purchase with the link below – at the same time, I have also negotiated a 10% off for you if you use my link:

In the ehealth and Digital Health Interview Questions (with Analysis) and Answers e-book, you'll get:
✔️ 50 common ehealth / digital health questions prepared by hiring managers, recruiters, and successful candidates in the ehealth field (see breakdown below).
✔️ 10 general ehealth / digital health questions with question analysis and sample answer.
✔️ 20 questions for project management type positions (ie. project manager, project analyst, project coordinator, etc.) with question analysis and sample answer.
✔️ 20 questions for business analyst type positions (ie. clinical analyst, health informatics specialist, clinical informatics analyst, etc.) with question analysis and sample answer.
✔️ Instant PDF Download.


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