University of Toronto MHI Interview

If you received an interview invite for MHI, congrats! That in itself is an achievement. The in-person interview will take the form of multiple mini interviews (MMI). In MMI, you (and other interviewees) rotate between different interview stations (rooms) to interview with different interviewers from each station. Within each station, there will be an interviewer responsible for asking you questions unique to that station. Each station takes approximately 15 minutes and there will be a 5-minute break in between each station (for both you and interviewers). The entire interview takes about an hour.

About the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI)

The MMI process is roughly as follows:

  1. You will be given instructions on MMI by the interview coordinator before the interview.
  2. Since there are 3 interview stations, there will be 3 consecutive rooms in the same hallway where the interview will take place. Each room is an interview station. Inside each room, there will be an interviewer and a seat for you. (From experience, these rooms are usually just professor offices or study rooms – ie. they are not special interview rooms). You will randomly be assigned to start in one of the 3 room stations.
  3. A bell will ring for you to enter the room and a countdown clock will commence. The countdown clock will not be visible to you so it's a good idea to wear a watch if you'd like to keep track of time. 2 min before the end of each station, another bell will ring to give you an opportunity to wrap up your final thought for each station before finishing. After the 15-min countdown, a final bell will ring and you will need to exit the room station.
  4. The interview room station is the “mini-interview” part of “Multiple Mini-Interview.” Each station will have its own theme. For University of Toronto MHI, the 3 interview stations will be Personal, Behavioral, and Short Presentation (details below).
  5. After completing the interview station you will wait outside the next room in the hallway for 5-min break when the interviewer will also have some time to complete some paperwork for your interview and take a break.
  6. When the bell rings again, you can enter the door to your next interview station (you don’t need to knock on the door, the interviewer will expect you to enter when the bell rings).
  7. This will repeat until you are complete all 3 interview stations and then you are free to leave. Don’t forget to hand in your unofficial transcript to the interview coordinator before you leave.

If your interview is over the phone or video, your interview will also be 1 hour. The content of your interview will also be the same as if you were to attend in person.

University of Toronto MHI interview MMI stations Strategy and Preparation

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