University of Toronto MHI Interview

If you are invited to the University of Toronto (UofT) MHI interview, then congrats! This in itself is a big achievement. The only thing now between you and that admission offer is the interview. On this page, you will find a comprehensive guide to cracking the UofT MHI interview.

About the University of Toronto MHI Virtual Multiple Mini-Interview

The MHI program takes a different approach to interviewing than other master’s programs. The entire MHI interview centers around a presentation that you will prepare in advance of your actual interview. For this presentation, you are instructed to choose a health informatics project or issue that you have studied, read about, or experienced – then create a 5-minute presentation to present at your virtual interview.

To complement your presentation, you are asked to create a professional presentation deck. This deck needs to be submitted to the MHI program (via email) before your interview. The “presentation deck” can actually be interpreted as any visual aid to your presentation, it doesn’t have to be a traditional PowerPoint. Interviewees are often creative with this. The best and most creative “deck” I’ve seen is a 1-page infographic. It’s easy to follow and simple to understand. It also saves you from moving back and forth the slides during the presentation. However, PowerPoint slides are equally good if you are comfortable and skilled with it.

The interview is comprised of 3 separate “mini”-interviews, each lasting about 15 minutes with a different interviewer. The questions asked during all 3 mini-interviews are related to your presentation or at least the topic you presented about. The idea of having 3 separate mini-interviews is that you will have the opportunity to establish 3 first impressions to each interviewer. Each separate mini-interview is independently scored.

Below, I have broken down the format and questions asked during each of the 3 mini-interviews and compiled suggestions from past successful interviewees on how to best prepare for your MHI interview.

University of Toronto MHI Virtual Multiple Mini-Interview Stations Strategy and Preparation

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