University of Toronto MHI Admissions CV


Compared to a resume, a CV is a more elaborate document containing your entire professional experience. It’s formatted like a resume but is not limited to a certain length nor certain category headings. A person with a lengthier and more diverse CV is typically a sign of a more experienced professional.

The fact that MHI admissions asks for a CV instead of a resume speaks about what it’s looking for. The admissions committee wants you to exhaustively list all of your professional experiences.

While CV requirements is not unique to MHI program, many undergraduates hoping to enter MHI will not have written a CV during their undergraduate studies. Indeed undergraduate co-ops, internships, or summer studentships, only required a resume and maybe a cover letter.

If this is your first time composing a CV – don’t worry – in this blog, I’ll summarize what a CV is and how you can strategically make use of a CV on your MHI application.

CV Headings

Though CVs are usually used in academia to only include academic experience and typically used for grants, scholarships, or academic related applications – you want your CV for MHI application to be a little different than the traditional CV. You want to tailor your CV to MHI, which is a professional program in health informatics. In your CV, you want to list all qualities and experiences a desirable health informatics professional should have.

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